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What do you think of when you think of the Nordics? At Clean drink we think of clean air, clear water, roaring mountains and deep forests. We also think about sustainability, innovation and a healthy lifestyle. Altogether a force of nature. We believe in Nordic power and with that in mind, we have developed Clean drink. A functional drink produced in the Nordic countries, free from unnecessary additives and with vitamins and minerals that you need to be able to be your best self. Every day.


free of preservatives, taurine, sugar and colourants.

The name of our drink speaks for itself – Clean drink. Our goal is to be the purest functional drink on the market with high quality ingredients. You can be sure that Clean drink is free of preservatives, taurine, sugar and colourants. Clean drink is brewed using one of the world’s best freshwater according to UNESCO, and contains BCAAs, caffeine, vitamins and minerals.