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We at Clean drink want it to be easy for you to live a healthy life. We believe that health should permeate life in general and that it should be easy for you to make good choices. Since 2015, we have offered a vegan alternative that is produced entirely in the Nordic region and free from unnecessary additives and sugar. We are proud that we are today in most store chains in Sweden and are constantly working to make Clean drink even easier for you as a consumer to find on the shelf at your local store.

We want to be the most sustainable functional drink on the market. This means not only that the product must be clean and healthy for you to consume, but also that we as a company constantly strive to reduce our climate footprint. That is why we choose, among other things, to completely produce our drink in the Nordic region, at a brewery which operates with a completely fossil-free production. We only select biogas cars within the company and opt out of domestic flights in favour of trains or cars. At the time of writing, we are working to replace the plastic troughs on our platforms in favour of a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Our big vision is that Clean drink should be a drink for everyone in Sweden, regardless of age, gender or lifestyle. It is important for us to do it the right way with continued sustainable thinking, and above all by letting the passion for what we do permeate everything we do.