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Why should I drink Clean drink?
Clean drink is a tasty, carbonated functional drink completely produced in the Nordic countries. It is vegan, enriched with 9-10 different vitamins and minerals and completely free of preservatives, colourants, taurine and sugar. You will find Clean drink with or without caffeine but always enriched with BCAAs (branched chain amino acids), which work restoratively for your muscles in connection with exercise. You drink Clean drink for increased energy, increased recovery in connection with exercise and because you want a good thirst quencher.

How much caffeine does Clean drink contain?
A 330 ml can contains 180 mg of caffeine. It is about as much caffeine as in two cups of coffee.

Is Clean drink completely vegan?
Yes, Clean drink is 100% vegan!

I am pregnant / breastfeeding – can I drink Clean drink?
The high caffeine content means that we don’t advise pregnant, children and people who are sensitive to caffeine to consume the drink. According to the National Food Administration, pregnant women should limit their caffeine intake to 200 mg per day. A Clean drink contains 180 mg of caffeine. How you distribute your caffeine intake is ultimately up to you. We also offer alternatives free from caffeine that are safe to use.

Is there an age limit on Clean drink?
There is no general age limit, but it is up to each retailer to decide the age limit. What makes us dissuade children from consuming Clean drink is the high caffeine content. We offer alternatives free from caffeine that are safe to use.

Can I become an ambassador / have a collaboration with Clean drink?
Send an email to info@cleandrink.se where you introduce yourself, why you want to collaborate with us and link to your social channels. We receive many inquiries, so feel free to spend some time on your presentation so that we get a feeling for you, it drastically increases your chances.