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We do not believe the solution lies in compensating for our emissions without making real changes to the climate. We see it as if all companies, regardless of size, have an obligation to make sensible choices for the environment. That is why we continuously invest in new solutions that make us more climate efficient and reduce our climate impact.

  • Our entire production is in the Nordic region, which reduces unnecessary transport distances.
  • Our brewery in Finland is operated completely fossil-free with 30% solar cell operation and 70% hydropower.
  • The transports between the brewery and the warehouse run on renewable HVO fuel, which means 90% lower emissions.
  • Our warehouse is operated on 100% renewable energy via EDP-certified electricity from Vattenkraft and hydropower from the Luleå river.
  • We have chosen to only have company cars that run on biogas.
  • In 2019, we developed a new model in our production, which means that we do not have to use plastic packaging all around. This means that we have a completely plastic-free production and that we save on about 11 tonnes of plastic annually.
  • We have developed the unique functional drink Clean sav:D which is made from juice from recovered apples in order to reduce fruit waste.